Q?Can you recover data if I’ve had a virus attack?

Yes, I have a wide variety of software and tools that I have use to recover files or an entire computer after a virus attack.

Q?What types of media can you recover data from?

I can recover data from; camera memory cards, USB Sticks, microSD cards, laptop hard drives, desktop drives, external hard drives, CD’s & DVD’s.

Q?Do you recover laptop hard drives?

Yes, I can recover data from almost and form of modern storage device on the market today.

Q?What is the data recovery confidentiality policy?

I pride myself with our clients confidentiality policy. I up hold the most strictest of policy for clients data privacy. Any work that I need to do on your computer is completely with your consent and not with out your prior knowledge & approval. Any of your data that has to be recovered onto a secondary storage device to perform the data recovery is immediately destroyed after the work has been performed.

Q?Is there anything I can do to recover my data?

Look for a good quality data recovery software. (Preferrably of that is a paid version) I suggest this only because many free versions are in fact not free and scam you into paying more money than you need to recover your data. They can also have a hidden purpose of stealing important information or even taking control of your computer.

Q?What is the success rate of data recovery?

I have had 90% success rate recovering lost or corrupted data. This can be attributed to good backup practises and early detection of the data loss. Sometimes there can be some cases where data recovery can drop to a mere 25% success rate simply due to the nature of the data and the media the data is stored on.

Q?How does data recovery happen?

How data is recovered is completely dependant on what form of data loss has occured. The main forms of data loss are accidental deletion, file corruption, malicious-ware and even manufacturing defects.
If a file is simply deleted it can be recovered using the most basic file recovery software.
If a file or file system has become corrupted either the file may have become unreadable or simply the operating system has become corrupted due to malware or a virus.
If it has been determined that the data loss is due to manufacture defect the data may be much harder to recover depending on the severity of the defect.

Q?What causes data loss?

Data could be lost due to intention or unintentional file deletion, drive re-format and drive partitioning.

Corrupted system files may also indirectly affect you data by making it inaccessible. System conflict as a result of application or new hardware device installation is commonly the main culprit of system corruption.

Malicious-ware, like viruses, can spread like wild fire causing partial or complete damage to your valuable data.

Manufacturing defects, power surge, impact, heat, fire, water etc will cause mechanical or electronic damage to data media. As a result, normal access to such damaged media is no longer possible.

Q?Why is my computer doing weird things?

This is the most common issue that I fix. Our clients will be using their computer for a few days and notice that it isn’t behaving normally or doing the things that it is supposed to. Typically this is due to software that they unknowingly installed or may have even installed on purpose but not knowing that it has another unwanted purpose on the computer.

Viruses, spyware and malware are typically what causes these issues… Depending on the severity of the issue I can typically fix the issues remotely but for some more stubborn issues I may have to come to you and tackle the issue head on. In most cases I typically can have the issue fixed within an hour or so.

Q?My computer is running slowly

Computers over time just like a home or office get cluttered and disorganized and need a good cleaning every now and then. Computers collect small bits of information that all add up from everyday use of surfing the net to browsing our emails and installing software on them.

I can give your computer a good cleaning inside and out… I like to open up the computer cases and clean out the years of dust bunnies to help your computer run cooler as well as scan your computer for any unnecessary programs, files or wasted space and optimize it to run more efficiently…

Q?Why can’t I get my printer to work?

Printers can sometimes be one of the most temper mental parts to your home office or workstation. I usually tell our clients to try powering the unit off then back on again in case the computer has simply lost communication with the printer.

Printers and computers can have a mind of their own at times and appear “offline” to each other and need may need to be manually brought back online.

I can typically fix most printer issues over the phone  or through remote assistance in as little time as 30 minutes.

Q?Why can’t I connect to the internet?

Technology is great when it works; Other times it can be nothing more than a headache.

When users are having issues with their device connecting to the internet I typically can have them up and running in a few hours usually due to some misconfigured settings on the device or the users wired or wireless network.

Q?Why won’t my computer start anymore?

This is a question that I get more often than you think. I typically see this issue after a user has opened an email or an attachment from a friend or family member and were not aware or alerted that it contained a virus.

I typically can get the computer to start booting again and remove the cause of the issue without too much trouble. In some cases however I do need to start over with a fresh installation of the operating system. I make every effort to recover all of the users data from their old operating system and back it up to be put back on after the clean operating system has been installed.