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Common Fixes

We’ve fixed tens of thousands of residential tech troubles for clients all around the globe. Here are some common examples:

Your Computer Won’t Boot Up

Whether your laptop is lagging or your PC is feeling powerless, a quick boost of Nerd knowledge will bring it to life.

Virus Removal

If your technology has come down with a digital bug, we’re the digital doctors to have on speed-dial.

Printer Malfunctions

Is your printer speaking to you in code and refusing to produce handy hardcopies? We’ll be your tech translators and get you out of any paper jam.

Data and Photo Back-Ups

Don’t let valuable data and irreplaceable photos get lost due to digital mishaps. When in doubt, call for back-up!

Hardware Setup

Dealing with new hardware can be a hassle. So let us take care of it. From computers to smart phones and tablets, we can have your new hardware up and running smoothly in no time.

Social Media Security

Your security is our priority. We help keep you and your family safe and secure online by optimizing the privacy settings of your social channels.

Software Management

Updates, installation and management. Oh my! We’ll guide you through the forest of new software learning curves and keep all of your programs up to date.

Email Support

You’ve got mail problems and we’ve got solutions. When you need assistance with inbox issues, we’ll help you through initial setups, to any setbacks.

Home Device Support

With the potential for several digital devices around your house comes the potential for multiple issues. We can help you maintain, monitor or fix any that might crop up.

Our Residential Services

For immediate 24/7 Support: 519-870-2178

Send a Tech SOS to all Nerds in your area Instantly:

Who Is Country Nerd?

When a Nerd visits your home you will meet a friendly, solutions driven techie and valued member of our team.

They will arrive armed with the expert knowledge, experience and communication skills needed to solve your at home tech troubles.